Tabletop Director & Food Film Director

A creative director and tabletop & food film director based in Warsaw, working worldwide. Driven by ideas and innovation, transforming your insights into impactful movies connecting people to your brand.

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Jurek Dytkiewicz


 Jerzy Dytkiewicz is a commercial director. He used to work also as a cinematographer,

but right now his main focus is on directing [he knows how to challenge DP as well].

He specializes in tabletop commercials and food films. He has got a head full of great ideas and is a perfectionist when dealing with details.

He has experience with the best motion control systems, works on Milo Motion Control and Bolt [high-speed arm] and high-speed cameras. He likes to create sophisticated camera movements, use interesting tricks and combine them with

a non-standard camera point of view. He uses computer visual effects as little as possible basing his work on live recordings. His commercials are simple eye-catching films,

he sometimes also does packshots or product demo, all depending on the client’s needs.

Before he became an independent director he worked with the best tabletop directors like Tomek Siatkowski and Ronald Koetzier.


 He worked in the advertising industry as an art director and graphic designer.

This experience has taught him to think creatively and to have a nonstandard approach towards even the simplest things. Thanks to his previous experience he understands

the needs of creative teams and knows that apart from an artistic vision it is very important to fulfill strategic assumptions. He strongly believes that the basis of a good project is effective cooperation and mutual trust.


In his films, his main intention is to tell a story which will create an impactful movie and this way connect people to the brand.




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Evan J. Cholfin
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